1.  Enterprise Core Value
    1)   Customer’s satisfaction is our highest standard of struggling.

  GYQ concentrates on the research of the special demands of professional customers for communication in different environments, then raise the most valuable solution, finally becomes client’s most reliable instructor in the communication field. 
    2)     Continuous Innovation without any satisfaction with present technology

  The society is constantly changing, and communication technology shall change along with the society demands. GYQ constantly improves the character and quality of the products with the principle: High Standard, New Technology.  In this way, each GYQ distributor can get the highest benefit, and get much more initiative in the intense market competition. 

2.   Enterprise Vision 
  GYQ focuses its main business on the research & development and sales of the radio communication filed, it really wants to create the extraordinary value for the professional customers who have the big demands in the communication field. Hence, to be the indispensable member in the global radio communication filed. This is GYQ’s enterprise vision. 
    3.   Enterprise Mission

  With the technology development and society progress, people raise the greater demand on the improvement of work efficiency. Frequent natural  disaster makes the information prompt transmitting much more important. GYQ emerges as this great mission requires. GYQ is supposed to provide safe, reliable and prompt communication technology for all the demanders in the radio communication filed.
4. Enterprise Culture Idea 
     1) Respect Staff, Harmonious Coexistence
 GYQ regards every employee as an immaterial fortune. GYQ respect every employee’s value, also provide wide develop space and stage for them to embody their own values. As long as anyone has the good talent and ability, he or she shall be paid much attention and assigned by company.

  The enterprise provides the comfortable life environment for the staff, to make it feel like a warm and fragrant home. Providing free and delicious meals makes the staff eat healthily. Creating the relaxed working environment makes the staff work with a joy, enjoy the joy in work.

2) Team work, Full Execution

  Enterprise development depends on not only one person, one group, but all the staff. One heart and one mind, all the staff seek development, this is our team work.

   In one article, even a part has problem, it will influence an article, even the whole batch. GYQ pays much attention to the teamwork power, in the important production process, an individual must obey the organization to make sure nothing is wrong in every process. In the important decision-making, the part must be subordinated to the whole with full execution. During the execution procedure, everything which favors the development of company shall be taken as the criterion.

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